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First Law of Thermodynamics

The first of law of thermodynamic says that heat is a form of energy, and as what all other forms of energy is subject to, it follows the law of conservation of energy.
So what does this mean? It means that Heat Energy also cannot be created nor destroyed and can only be transferred to one form or another.

Don’t overthink this too much, this law is all about HEAT as energy, and follows the law of conservation of energy and that’s it.
Now to appreciate the application of this law let’s try a very good one example.

This Coal is just a type of rock but for scientists this rock contains an energy that produced HEAT Energy when it undergoes a complete combustion. Actually some powerplant utilizes this coal to generate electrical energy or what we call as electricity.

What they do is that they feed this coal into a boiler furnace and with an assistance of oxygen and a little heat, this creates a combustion in a form of heat energy.
Now the heat energy, will transfer its energy to a water above it making it into a steam, and this steam will rotate a Turbine (and that’s a Mechanical Energy right there) and then this Turbine will rotate a Generator which converts that energy into Electrical Energy.

See that just by knowing this law you can do so much.

And that’s it! This is Easy Engineering.

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